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Welcome to the website of the ‘Archive for homeopathy’, a foundation that intends to improve the practical application of homeopathy by collecting clinical facts from cases. Information about our purpose, working methods, donations and other relevant subjects can be found by using the icons on the left.

"The repertory is produced to show forth all the particulars, each symptom with the circumstance connected with it. It is in infancy and may remain so very long, unless all who use it unite to preserve their experience in well-kept records and furnish the author with such. The author is devoting his life to the growth and infilling and perfecting of this work, and begs all true workers will co-operate by noting errors and omissions, and, above all, noting such modalities of particulars as have come from generals and been observed in cures." 1

"By thorough and careful work we will some day complete a Materia Medica whose every symptom will have been repeatedly verified. Then, indeed, will our art become the exact science predicted for it. Such is the end for which we labour." 2

James Tyler Kent

1 Kent J. T., New Remedies Clinical Cases Lesser Writings (How to use the repertory)
2 Kent J. T., New Remedies Clinical Cases Lesser Writings (Address)
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